The word of God is amazing, wonderful and alive. There is richness and revelation, vital revelation, throughout its entirety. For instance look at this amazing verse we sometimes rush through and over;

Romans 8 “1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,”

Therefore - “Ara” meaning our only conclusion!

Now - “Nun” at the present time. Also, henceforth, + hereafter.

No - “Oo-dice” not even one (man, woman or thing), i.e. none, nobody, nothing : any (man), aught, man, neither any (thing), never (man), no (man), none (+ of these things), not (any, at all, thing), nought.

Condemnation- “katakrima” Pronounced: kat-ak'-ree-mah 1. damnatory sentence, condemnation.

The only conclusion we can come to is that there is no damnatory sentence for anyone, no no one, both now and tomorrow, and forevermore! God is not mad at you, Praise Him! I love you all very much! (NLM)

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