Friends and supporters of New Life Ministry, I believe that God holds the miracles others are looking for within them. I also believe God holds the financing of His kingdom in the hearts of His children.  So I’m looking for partners, I’m looking for those who’ll say “count me in!”

New Life Ministry and it’s wonderful partners will be building homes for needy families in Nicaragua.  Have you ever thought that you could be used by God to build homes for families that live in huts made of cardboard, discarded wood, with no running water, no rest room facilities, and dirt floors? Well you can!

For $5000 we can provide a new home for one family! For $10,000 we can provide homes for two families,  and so on. Solid structures with real walls, floors, roofs, windows, and bathrooms with running water!

So visit our site, donate today, let’s build homes together! We currently sponsor 7 children in Nicaragua.  We’ll begin by providing a new home for each of their families!

Thank You in advance for your generosity! Every bit helps! Thank You for your prayers and support!

Len and Lori Rola
New Life Ministry

PS Email us with any questions. Or give us a call!

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